How does business coaching work?

There is no set formula and every agency requires different help in different areas. As a business owner you are very close to the detail of your business. This is great for some things however can make other tasks very difficult. What I am able to do is take the experience I have and use this to look at your business in a way that you will no longer be able to. I can then help you to take a step back from the detail and advise you on what you can do to achieve the goals we set out and ultimately your ambitions.

How much of my time will business coaching take up?

In the first few months there is usually more work to be done and so I recommend that we meet every two weeks for a couple of hours to work through the areas of help that you need and set our goals for the next meeting. In-between this I am always on the phone if you have questions or need my help.

After four to six months I hope to be in a position to have given you the tools, mind-set and processes to do more of the work independently and so find that we can reduce the time we spend together down to meeting up once a month.

Do I have to commit to how long I use business coaching?

Absolutely not. I prefer to work in a way that leaves it entirely up to you as to how long you want to work with me. Some people feel they have everything they need after a few months while others see the benefits of me being available to them on an ongoing basis.

What if I’m not based near Hertford or in London?

I have worked with clients from Edinburgh down to Cornwall and so location is not necessarily a big problem. Travel time (if required) however will have an impact on my charges. Face to face meetings are great and certainly my preference in the first few months, however if you are not in London or the South East then Skype is a great alternative and can save a huge amount of travel time.

How will I know if business coaching is for me?

I always start any new working relationship with a session that will cost you no more than a cup of coffee and possibly a slice of cake if we decide to really live on the edge. We can do this by Skype if it’s easier and I guess I’ll just have to make my own coffee.

I’ll ask lots of questions listen carefully and make some initial suggestions. We will also get a good idea if we can work together and make it an enjoyable journey. For more details have a read of my Price and Stages page.