I understand that agency owners rarely have a budget set aside for coaching or consultancy services. I also know that big hourly rates where you are charged for every minute rarely lead to a truly valued and long term partnerships. As a business owner you need to know exactly how much something is going to cost each month and be in total control of when you can stop that service if you want to.

For these reasons I have packaged my services up in a way that gives you the control and allows me to help you in the most efficient way. I want the journey to be interesting and fun for both parties and for you to see the value in me becoming part of your agency.

What I find works well...

STEP 1: A coffee.

Let’s meet for a coffee to discuss the high level areas you think you need help with. I’ll listen carefully and give you some initial suggestions on what I think will help. From this we will also get a good feeling if we can work well together and if you don’t want to take it any further then that is absolutely fine.

The cost: Your travel to a coffee shop in Hertford or the Moorgate area of London and the price of my cappuccino.


STEP 2: Initial review and objectives meeting.

We spend 3 to 4 hours together going through the details of your business, where you are today and more importantly where you want to be in the future. I will ask lots of questions and do more listening than talking as it’s important that I understand the bits of your business that are good and work well along with the areas that need help. From this meeting we agree together a strategy for how I’m going to help you and your business moving forward.

The cost: £320 + Vat 


STEP 3: Coaching - phase 1:

In the first few months there is usually more work to be done and so I would meet with you every two weeks for a couple of hours to work through the areas of help that you need and set our goals for the next meeting. In-between this I am available on the phone if you have questions or need my help.

The cost: £640 + Vat per month (Any travel to be agreed at cost price)


STEP 4: Coaching - phase 2:

After usually four to six months I hope to be in a position that I have given you the tools, mind-set and processes to do more of the work on your own and so find that we can reduce the time we spend together down to a couple of hours once a month.

The cost: £350 + Vat per month (Any travel to be agreed at cost price)


Unlike many coaches or consultants I will not ask you to sign up and commit to working with me for 6 or 12 months. You choose how long the partnership should last with a short notice period of 28 days.

For larger organisations who require more of my time, need me to work with different individuals, be in their office and produce reports for their stakeholders then this price will increase depending on the work required.


The returns

It is very difficult to estimate the exact return you will get as every business is different. I don’t offer any guarantees however I would expect to increase the turnover of a small team of designers by £100k per annum and a small to medium sized agency by £200k to £500k per annum. It could be more than this in either case and with larger organisations I have helped them increase their turnover by several million.