How can I help you?

Maybe you need help gaining more new business, or you have lost some customers and need help retaining those important relationships with your existing clients. Perhaps you have an idea to change the direction of your company or would like to specialise in servicing a specific sector – Or you just can’t seem to take the business to that next level; you are working hard but not gaining the rewards you would like.

Efficiency, profitability and owner happiness are also key elements of a successful business. I can help you define your ambitions, improve your work/life balance and if required give you the tools to help you enjoy running your company again.

This is not an off-the-shelf coaching programme. It’s 100% tailored for you – which means it delivers real results.

You may have experienced coaching before, or maybe you are completely new to the entire process. Either way, rip up the rule book and think again. Working with Jason will change your perspective on what can be achieved through coaching. It’s about putting you firmly in the driving seat and equipping you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Jason will tell it like it is, listen, question, challenge business “norms” and support you on the journey. You are unlikely to require help in all of the areas mentioned below, however, my initial evaluation session will allow us both to agree on what aspects of my services will benefit you.


Laying the foundation for growth

Your Objective

Measuring success is key to my programme. Without clear objectives, we have nothing to work on. I will help you define what they are, question if they are right and break them down into achievable and realistic goals.

Brand Positioning

Take away the products or service you sell and you are left with what do people really feel when they interact with you and your brand? Understanding this and getting it right can put you far ahead of your competitors.

Market Positioning

Do you stand out from your competition? Could you become a market leader or specialist in a particular sector in order to target a specific audience? Smart positioning can have a huge impact on your business and its growth.

Growth Strategy

Are you looking to sustain or grow your business? From adding security to your existing revenue to growth through more direct sales, partnerships or alliances. – A clear and achievable strategy will help you deliver this.

Owner Happiness

I see many agency owners who are exhausted, feel trapped and have lost the drive that is needed to run and grow a business. If I’m honest, I have been in that very situation and needed help to fix this. From this experience, I can give you the tools you need to make the decisions that will break the cycle.



Sales & New Business Development

Without these two things, you are unlikely to have a business – It’s one of the most important things to get right. From strategies for winning more work to telephone and face to face training.; Once right, I will check to see you have the right tools for the job in the form of software, presentations and collateral.


With clear objectives and a good understanding of our target markets, we can then focus on the most effective marketing to promote your agency. I have owned and run marketing agencies for more than 25 years and will give you a proven strategy that delivers results.

Customer retention

The phrase “You are only as good as your last job” could not be truer at a time where your clients have so much choice to take their business elsewhere. Looking after these relationships is crucial, and making sure you have the right skills, people and tools for doing so are essential to a growing business.

Upselling & client growth

So many businesses invest huge energy into winning new clients but then don’t explore the opportunities to grow and make the very best of those new relationships. You’ve done the hard bit so you need to make sure you have everything required to grow your clients’ spend.

Account & project management

Bad account and project management will lose you clients and damage your brand’s reputation. No good business can afford that. I have spent more than 25 years nurturing client relationships, from small businesses to the largest global brands. I know what clients like and more importantly, I know what drives them mad and makes them move to a new supplier.



Process & delivery

Agencies have a number of processes, tasks, and jobs that come together to deliver their service or product. Reviewing and improving the way you carry out these tasks and the tools you use can have a huge effect on your profit. Not doing this may leave you behind or mean you are no longer competitive.

Profit review

Having an understanding of your finances and profit is important, however, understanding the detail of how well a typical client or project performs and how much real profit is made can be invaluable.


Businesses are rarely grown without a good team of people – so choices and decisions about who, when and where are critical. To unlock the very best performance in your staff, you have to choose the right people to take you to that next level.

Fees, pricing & value

There are so many elements that affect what makes your clients feel they are getting value for money. Most consumers don’t make choices on price alone, so make sure everything you do reflects the prices you charge.

Outgoing health check

An audit and review of your outgoings, overheads, and cost of sales usually result in one thing: … savings!! With this insight and a clear change plan, you can turn these savings into more profit without reducing the quality of your business.

Jason spins traditional coaching and mentoring on its head to deliver a service driven by his own business success. It’s very clear that Jason’s advice comes from a place of extensive knowledge and experience. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work and has an honest straight-down-the-line approach. It’s great working with Jason and seeing the tangible and long-standing impact he is having on me and my business.

Laura Pearce - Managing Director - Strand PR

“Jason is one of those 'stand out' kind of people. He's massively driven and always delivers. He is brutally honest and transparent in the way he deals with people which builds success for his clients. On top of that he's just super good to be around; positive, sees opportunity and full of passion”

Alistair Bryan - Managing Director - Bray Leino

“Jason is a charismatic and results-driven leader with a total focus on delivering results for his clients. His experience within the industry, particularly in providing our sector with the tools to market themselves effectively has been proven time and time again. Working with Jason was a pleasure – his drive and determination inspiring, his ethic unquestionable, his knowledge invaluable”

Raymond Anderson – Studio manager -  Jellyfish

“Jason has a canny knack of creating a positive impression with anyone he engages with. Coupled with a sharp business brain, without a doubt he would be a valuable asset to any business he works for or with. The proof is in the pudding, give him a call”

James Callard – Business development manager - Globe Business Media Group

"I would definitely recommend working with Jason. He's a creative with a commercial brain, and he really understands what makes businesses work. He's done loads of great work across a range of sectors but I know him from the legal world and he knows that market inside out."

Charlotte Collins-White - Partner and Associate Director - Lansons Communications

“Working with Jason I have seen at first hand his ability to assimilate his clients' aspirations and translate them into successful marketing strategies. In my experience, Jason is empathetic to the business and individual needs of clients and colleagues alike. He is a free communicator, combining approach-ability with straight-talking, whose focus is always to achieve what is best for his clients”

Peter Travers - MD & Founder - Evocus Communications